• Specifications drafting
  • Technical specifications preparation
  • Study of cost-effective and reliable technical solutions
  • Project organization and planning definition
  • Technical coordination between project’s phases and lots
  • Monitoring of the services provided by the prime contractor to the acceptance
  • Progress review facilitation with all the contractors and suppliers involved

Examples of projects:


  • Planning of the maintenance shutdowns on a 5-train Gaz Turbines and one combined cycle power plant in Ivory Coast
  • Supervision of the installation of new equipments (generator and exciter) on hydroelectric dams in Ivory Coast
  • Active participation on the investment choices for new Gaz Turbines trains on a power plant in Ivory Coast

Examples of projects:


  • Management of the electrical studies for a polymerization project in the oil & gas industry in Belgium
  • Management of the CFO / CFA studies department of the IED lot (Various Electrical Installation) on the Flamanville EPR (building Reactor/Pumping/diesel)
  • Management of Piping studies for expansion of pharmaceutical buildings in Switzerland
  • Management of the development program for a new electric excavator resisting to very low temperatures



  • Requirements analysis and determination of adequate technical solution
  • Organization and project planning
  • Determining necessary internal and external resources
  • Call for tenders to subcontractors
  • Selection of subcontractor based on technical and commercial offers
  • Studies (preparation of site plans and functional diagrams)
  • Monitoring of the services provided by subcontractors to acceptance



  • Coordination and planning of on-site services
  • Project reviews facilitation with all contractors involved
  • Transmission of all plans and diagrams required for assembly
  • Monitoring the assembly services, testing and commissioning performed by subcontractors
  • Punch list determination
  • Management of execution of punch list items
  • Acceptance of the works

Examples of projects:


  • Site Manager for a 2 x 25 MW hydroelectric in Sri Lanka
  • Supervision of the installation and the TGBT and Transformers tests for the Flamanville EPR 3rd Unit (Reactor Building)
  • Site Technical Office Piping for a 360 MW biomass plant in Estonia and for a «Ultra Super critical» 1000MW coal fired plant in Malaysia]
  • Supervision of the electrification of 6 isolated villages in Congo Brazzaville

Examples of projects:


  • Fuel Nozzle Inspection on the Gas Turbines 5000 to 9000 lines in Ivory Coast
  • Inspection of the generator before end of the mechanical warranty in Ireland
  • Command and commissioning of the Mark V, VI and VI E steam turbines on cogeneration plants in Luxemburg and Belgium
  • Counter-expertise on production lines 5000 Gas Turbine as a basis for a non destructive control for a power plant in Ivory Coast



  • Study of current status (expertise and diagnostics on the General Installation, analysis of technical datas and existing expert reports)
  • Reporting on the expert mission
  • Short, medium and long term Technical Recommendations
  • Guaranteeing safety of the facilities in compliance with its recommendations